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No Period, No Problem?

For many of us, that time of the month is filled with moods, monster breakouts, and mounds of chocolate. We dread its arrival and plan our white pants-wearing days around it. However, if you ever or are now missing periods, this “period piece” is timely. Your period (while off hormonal contraception, remember that no period […]

Achoo…F-F-F Flu! The Flu Vaccine and Pregnancy

Break out the tissues, start brewing the tea, and swallow that Echinacea, because winter is coming! No, this is not an episode of “Game of Thrones,” but a chill is in the air. When the temperatures drop, anxiety over the flu rises, as does our consumption of vitamin C. Hand washing becomes an obsession, and […]

When a Drizzle Becomes a Downpour: Post-Partum Hemorrhage

Bleeding after baby is nothing to say “boo” about. It happens to everyone, and it’s normal. First comes baby, then comes placenta, then comes bleeding. It’s a pretty standard course of events. For most women, the bleeding is moderate and slows down pretty quickly. Although pads become our good pals in the postpartum period, we […]

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are: Ectopic Pregnancy

A positive pregnancy test brings with it big-time butterflies, big, bright smiles, and a big bag of unknowns. But very rarely does it bring the big question “Wow, I wonder if this pregnancy is located in the right place.” We all just sort of assume that, when we find out we are pregnant, the pregnancy […]

When the Alarm Clock Goes Off….Timing Intercourse

There is almost no worse sound than the buzz of the alarm clock. No matter how much you love that song or how long it took you to find that perfect tune, when you hear it at 6 AM, you want to cringe. But for many couples, particularly those who have been trying to conceive […]

Five Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant

Clean up your life! While we neither want to sound like your mother nor tell you to “clean up your room,” now is a good time to take note of your habits and eliminate some of your most unhealthy ones. Although we don’t want you to throw everything fun away, we do suggest cutting out […]

HSG: Killing Two Birds with One Stone

A fertility work-up is no walk in the park. It requires getting poked and prodded as well as scanned and surveyed. It’s an involved process. We are not doing this to torture you or to make the experience any more exhausting than it already is. We are doing it because there are a lot of […]