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Get Out Your Checklist…It’s Screening Time!

One thing we can never stop or change is aging. And while it may bring us increased confidence and accomplishments, it does have some unwanted side effects: the aches, the pains, the wrinkles, and the grays. The maintenance alone can become a full-time job. And the cosmetic side is the least of it. Doctor’s visits […]

Compounded Bioidentical Hormones…Are They Really the Best Fit?

Thanks to Samantha on Sex and the City and Oprah, compounded bioidentical hormones have gotten a whole lot of press. They have been billed as the best thing since sliced bread. They have become the good guy, while the prescription drugs (a.k.a. conventional hormone replacement therapy, or HRT) have become the bad guy. Bioidentical hormones […]

Physician Visits

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Mother Knows Best: Your Reproductive History

As much as we hate to admit it, it’s hard to find many things that our moms were wrong about. From the most basic (eat your veggies!) to the most complex (bad boys will always break your heart!), their words of advice were thoughtful, poignant, and basically spot on. But it’s funny that, no matter […]

A Fishy Situation: Safe Seafood for Expecting Moms

Eating when you are pregnant can be a tricky situation. What you want and what you can have don’t always jive. Menu choices can become a bit complicated, particularly when it comes to fish and seafood. While we want you to get the good stuff fish has (think Omega-3s, protein, and vitamins), we don’t want […]

When You See Red, Don’t Panic: First Trimester Bleeding

     There is nothing more disconcerting than looking down and seeing red. Whether it’s dark or bright, light or heavy, it can make you hold your breath and start praying. Blood is viewed as the harbinger of very bad things to come. (For all of you Game of Thrones fans, it’s like winter is […]

Let’s Dish on Dates: Last Menstrual Period (LMP)

When most of us hear the term dating, we think back to those days when we had butterflies in our stomach every time we imagined meeting our plus one for dinner and drinks. Questions from what should I wear to what should I say to when is it okay to stay flooded our minds. Fast-forward a few years, […]