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Is There an eXXception for Those without the Double XX?

You’re not seeing things…we at Truly, MD, are turning our pens and paper towards the guys. While everything up to this point has been girl (or what you need to know about your plus one if he’s a guy)-related, we are breaking the mold and making this piece about men. Specifically, what happens when you […]

Am I Ready to Be a Parent? Single Parenthood

Of all the questions we ask ourselves, “Am I ready to be a parent?” is probably the biggest one (followed by “What should I wear on that first date?” and “Should we go for dinner or drinks?”). But all kidding aside, knowing when the time is right to become a parent can be downright difficult. […]

Pot and Pregnancy: Is It Okay to Puff When Pregnant?

Marijuana use has become fairly widespread. Pot, hashish, ganja, dope: it’s all over. The legalization of marijuana in many states across the country has made lighting up as acceptable as having a drink; people can routinely be seen puffing in public in places like Colorado and Washington. In fact, to date, 23 states and the […]

Sleepless Nights, Sleepless Days

There is probably nothing more exhausting than taking care of a baby (and this is from two girls who completed OB/GYN residency, working 80+ hour weeks!). A newborn trumps everything. There are no shifts, no sign out, and often no relief, which means there are many days with NO sleep. The fatigue you are feeling […]

Will Zika Zap Your Pregnancy Dreams?

Zika has become a pretty big buzzkill for any woman living in a Zika-infested area who wants to get pregnant. Having a baby has pretty much become a “no go” for women who live in certain parts of the world. In fact, in some areas (cue El Salvador), women are being advised to wait two […]

Heart Rate, Shmart Rate: Pregnancy and Exercise

There may be no greater taboo topic (other than who you voted for and what God you believe in) than pregnant women and exercise. Finger pointing, whispering, and gasps are the norm when a visibly pregnant woman hops on a treadmill. For some, it evokes the same feeling as a pregnant woman who smokes a […]