Five Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant

  1. Clean up your life!
    While we neither want to sound like your mother nor tell you to “clean up your room,” now is a good time to take note of your habits and eliminate some of your most unhealthy ones. Although we don’t want you to throw everything fun away, we do suggest cutting out the excesses. Maintain (or initiate) a healthy diet, try and catch some good zzzzs, and engage in exercise. Honestly, you should be doing this anyway (do we sound like your mother yet?), so why not get the process started before your plus one is present?
  2. Make sure you are taking a prenatal vitamin.
    Whether you are pregnant, considering pregnancy, or are nowhere near wanting a baby, vitamins are a good thing. Despite our best efforts to maintain a well-balanced diet, we usually are missing something. Prenatal vitamins are chockfull of good things (for both you and your baby). Generic or prescription, brand name or basic really doesn’t matter (especially in the “trying” phase). Most have the same ingredients and are equally good at giving you what you need.
  3. Establish care with an OB/GYN that you gel with.
    The doctor-patient relationship is an important one, no matter what body part you are taking care of. However, the OB/GYN-patient relationship is particularly unique; they will be there when you bring life into this world! They will likely be your coach and your confidant through some pretty amazing and sometimes tough times. So while they don’t have to be your BFF, they should be someone you can see yourself spending a lot of quality time with.
  4. Invest in reliable reading material.
    You will no doubt have at least several hundred questions when the process begins. When do I have intercourse? What are signs that something is off? How will I know if the pregnancy is normal? Why do I feel like this? All are totally normal! And while your doctor is there to offer advice, sometimes those questions hit in the middle of the night. Finding a good book or seeking out a reliable online source (#truly, MD) can be a smart idea.
  5. Take a deep breath.
    Even saying the words out loud: “We are ready to have a baby” can be overwhelming and frightening. Although it may take some years to get to this point while others reach it in a minute, vocalizing this statement is a big deal. The fact is, you are not alone. Most of us are never really ready and don’t have any idea what to expect. Just take it one day at a time. You will get through this and maybe even have some fun along the way!