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Gone Shopping: What You Pick Up From a CVS Or an Amnio

When most of us hear CVS, we think of the store—shampoo, cotton swabs, bandages, vitamins. We rarely ever think of first-trimester genetic testing, unless you are an obstetrician! But CVS goes way further than your local drugstore and stands for more than Consumer Value Stores. In the land of OB, it means Chorionic Villus Sampling, […]

When Babies Are Not on the Brain: Post-Partum Contraception

Babies out. Bleeding is on. Boobs are big. Belly is still large. Sounds awesome. With all of these bothersome symptoms, “bonking” is completely out of the question. Let’s face it: when you look and feel like you have been through the wringer, intimacy is probably the last thing on your mind. But before you know […]

Fibroid: What to Do When Fertility Is No Longer on Your Mind

If you have fibroids, you are probably saying a choice curse word every time you think of your little (and in some case) big uterine friend (s). They can be a big pain in the rear. They can cause bleeding, pain, pressure, and infertility. Bottom line, they are not fun. Unfortunately, this un-fun party is […]

Should Pregnancy Put a Pause on Your Gym Membership?

Run, work, eat, sleep, repeat: this pattern plus/minus a few other key activities is the daily routine of many women we know…including ourselves. While fitting it all in can be a challenge, remaining fit is at the top of many of our lists (which for most of us tends to be very long!) Although the […]

Let’s Not Make a Stressful Situation Worse

Our lives are filled with stress. Busting at the seams, boiling over the top, big-time stress. Will I get there on time? How can I pay the bills? And what can I do to improve my health? It never seems to end. From the moment we open our eyes to the second our heads hit […]

The Buzzz on Zika

It’s hard to remember a day in recent months that the word Zika hasn’t come out of our mouths, come off our desks (a.k.a. a letter to an airline or hotel explaining why a woman can’t make her trip to the Dominican Republic), or caused a whole lot of fear for anyone who is pregnant […]

Let’s Get the Screening Started

If your little ones have finally started to sleep through the night, eat real food, and maybe even venture onto the potty, you are probably feeling pretty good. Major milestones for your kids mean a lot to you not only as a mom (#ProudMom) but also as an individual (#HiWorldIamBack). While your schedule still somewhat […]

The Big O: Cysts, Solutions, and All the Steps in Between

Your mind probably went somewhere we don’t want to know about after reading that title, and you are likely thinking, So this is where they are going to tackle the sex thing. And although, yes, we will, no, it is not here. In this debriefing or girl talk, we will begin an extended conversation on […]


Let’s play a game (and we promise it doesn’t involve balls, bats, or scorecards)! Try to think back to the last time that you sat in silence and were aware of your body, your presence, and your surroundings—a moment where you turned off your computer, forgot about that ever-growing to-do list, and ignored the incoming […]

A Third, A Third, and A Third: The Trimesters of Pregnancy

For any journey you take, breaking it up into pieces, sections, or parts (except for long layovers in airports!) makes the trip a whole lot more tolerable. Knowing you are halfway done or three-quarters into it can often give you the needed umph to kick it into high gear and finish the race. In many […]