This month, in schools across America, from pre-K all the way up to 12th grade, kids will take a moment to reflect on the concept of thankfulness. Prompted by projects designed by their teachers (#weLOVEteachers), they will answer the question: What are you thankful for? Whether they draw it or write it, act it or emote it, in some way, they will reveal what is most important to them. And while some of the answers may make you laugh and others may make you cry, they will all make you stop, think, and reflect.

Unfortunately, as adults we don’t have a teacher giving us assignments. You are, in many ways, on your own. There is no one checking your homework or prompting you to think about the positive things in your life. How you live your life and if or when you reflect upon your life is up to you. Sometimes, this practice can be isolating. It can make you lose direction, and it can make you forget to appreciate all the good that surrounds you. You can, albeit unconsciously, miss those homework assignments that forced you to stop and reflect. And although we can’t tap our foot, shake our finger, or prepare our red marker for corrections, we are going to take a moment and play the role of teacher. So grab a piece of paper, pull out a pen, and start working on your Truly, MD, homework.

Your assignment is the following: “What are you thankful for?” We will go first….


“It’s hard to pinpoint the one or two things that I am most thankful for—a good problem, I know! And unlike that never-ending to-do list, there is nothing on my long “thankful” list that I want to cross off—I have been blessed with friends, family, health, and opportunities. I am a lucky girl. But this year, what I am most thankful for is evolution. I have been able to witness my parents evolve into grandparents, my little babies evolve into toddlers and children, my friends evolve into surrogate sisters, and our words evolve into a website. And as these areas have evolved, I, too, have evolved: as a daughter, wife, mother, doctor and now advocate. I will be eternally thankful for the opportunity to not only watch these developments but also to live these developments. What an amazing journey it has been.”


“I am thankful for my environment. And while I do love myself a fall Central Park day, I am not referring to my physical surroundings. I am alluding to the passion, the conviction, and the endurance of the individuals around me both at work, at home, and at play. Be it to themselves, to others, or to the collective good, those around me are committed. And their commitment has provided me with endless opportunities. I am forever thankful for these opportunities and the chance to make a difference. I promise to use my voice to shape the environments of others.


We are thankful that you have allowed us “two girls in the know” to join your journey. Whether it be as you are flying solo or as you are mommying, being there alongside you has been nothing less than incredible. We THANK you for inviting us to share some of life’s most special and intimate moments with you. We are humbled by your honesty and your hospitality. We hope that our relationship continues to evolve and you continue to invite us back to your “table” for years and years to come.

In the words of one of our role models (you know who you are!), we are lucky not only to be alive but also to have the chance to live. Take a minute, and reflect upon what makes you live and what you live for. And while no one is checking your work (this one is straight-up honor code), here, there are no failures. Be thankful, be thoughtful, and be true. That’s worth way more than an A+ in our book.