The truth can be hard: hard to hear, hard to say, and even harder to accept. It’s one of those things that, no matter how many times we cover our eyes and hold our ears, it never leaves us alone. But while the truth can be brutal, it should never be ugly. It should be real, it should be transparent, and it should be unbiased. But it should never be ugly. If it is, you likely waited too long to hear it, too long to say it, or are hearing it from the wrong person. Go out and look elsewhere because what you are looking at may not be your truth at all.

When searching for your personal truths, you must remember to be true to your mind and true to your body. At Truly, MD, we are here as ambassadors to the truth about your bodies. From when they start to menstruate to when they hit menopause, we casually but factually tell you the truths about all things gynecologic and obstetric. We break down the most complex medical topics, answer the seemingly simple questions, and dish on everything and anything in between. Our focus in doing this is simply to tell the truth.

While we may not have lived it all, we have been around the block. We know what you want to know, what you should know, and what you need to know, and we are here to give it to you straight up (with no juice and on the rocks). Although it may burn going down, it won’t leave you tipsy. In fact, it will leave you clear headed and ready to conquer the world.

We will also bare our own selves and share with you our own personal truths, the ones we didn’t learn in medical school but rather as real women. We hope by sharing our truths, both the ones we learned as doctors as well as the ones we learned as daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, and friends, that we are able to create a community that is rooted in honesty, transparency, and truth. Here, there is no judgment, no false pretenses, and no biases, just a couple of girls who have been true to their friendship, their patients, and their passion for empowering others. Our pledge to you is to always tell it like it is. Your promise in return is take our truths and turn them into your realities. Together, we can make a change. And that’s the truth.